Guaranteed Income

Investment opportunities as well as protection against running out of cash during retirement

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At last, opportunity and peace of mind from a guaranteed income in retirement

More than just an annuity, investors can divide capital to pay out a guaranteed income as well as enabling investment in a mix of assets with the potential to generate higher returns.
It even includes a cash death benefit in the early years at no extra cost, as well as a cash-in value.

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Paul Boston outlines the benefits of Guaranteed Income and how it offers flexibility according to the changing needs and wants of the client.

A quote is now available through Novia's Adviser Zone Portal.

Advisers bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to guide clients through their investment decisions.

Flexibility according to the changing needs and wants of the client

Flexibility according to the changing needs and wants of the client Advisers no longer need to split investments across multiple platforms in order to offer a blended investment solution. With the availability of Guaranteed Income within the SIPP, one portfolio can be built to cover both essential spending in retirement and also provide flexibility to choose how to invest the remaining portfolio according to the changing needs and wants of the client.

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For information about the Guaranteed Income options available, contact your Novia Rep.
Novia and Just team up to provide through Novia's self-invested pension plan (SIPP)

Just is one of the UK’s leading providers of specialist financial services solutions, completely focused on meeting the needs of people thinking about, approaching, or in retirement.

Just believes everyone deserves a fair, secure and fulfilling retirement, and that financial intermediaries are best placed to help people with the choices they need to make to achieve this.

Secure Lifetime Income from Just can help provide a blended lifetime retirement income solution within a SIPP, provided on the Novia platform.

As well as providing clients with the security of a guaranteed income for life, SLI also comes with a number of other benefits, including a death benefit for a set period, a unique cash-in value for a set period and tax-planning opportunities.

SLI support material is available on a dedicated microsite which is available via Just. Take me to the SLI Literature